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1 year ago

Roundup: RIP Garry Shandling, Jay Mariotti Out, Epic Taco Bell Fight

Roundup: RIP Garry Shandling, Jay Mariotti Out, Epic Taco Bell Fight | The Big Lead

Garry Shandling dies at 66 ... North Carolina man arrested for not returning Freddy Got Fingered VHS ... Crushed to hear the Big Fat Greek sequel isn't all that great ... Howie Roseman's diary ... Former Raven Terrence Cody gets nine-month sentence for animal cruelty ... David Feherty remains quotable ...Getting drunk and urinating in a police-owned parking lot is a recipe for disaster ... Mice with cooler body temperatures are living longer ... Jerry Jones' CTE denial met with predictable fire ... A tribute to Wyoming's Larry Shyatt, who is retiring ... Disturbing video of NYPD shooting and killing a family's dog... America's favorite chain restaurant is Taco Bueno? ... The faces of college wrestlers ... Six detained in connection with the Brussels attacks ... Draymond Green won't be investigated for speeding video ... When hipsters fight ... White Shadow's Ken Howard dies at 71 ... Alabama governor embroiled in scandal ... Kyle Wiltjer's girlfriend is 28 ... Bill Belichick did something nice for another person ... Jay Mariotti has parted ways with the San Francisco Examiner ... Shay Maria.

Alison Overholt is the first woman to be editor of a national sports magazine. Hard to believe it took until 2016. Her story. [Poynter]

Houston is spending $38 for the Dwight Howard-James Harden combo. Giant waste of money? [Houston Chronicle]

Florida man, Florida woman philadelphia car accident lawyer have a Taco Bell-fueled fight. [NBC Miami]

Alert Kanell. The Gray Lady's war on football continues. [New York Times]

Microsoft deletes 'teen girl' AI after it became a Hitler-loving sex robot within 24 hours in running for best headline of the year. [Telegraph]

Bomani Jones with some good advice. Not sure if I'll get blocked for including this.

Duke lost but JJ Redick?


Worst hitman ever.

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